Meet Our Summer Associates: Marlon Creswell

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Marlon Creswell | San Francisco State University| Class of 2020

Marlon is a 2016 graduate of DeAnza High School and currently attending SFSU pursuing a degree in Biology ( Concentration in Cell & Molecular). Marlon has a strong passion for science and with his major, he plans on working in labs conducting research relating to medicine or diseases or any other health-related aspects. Marlon is a dedicated hard worker and strives to the best he can.

He is currently a Summer Associate working with Richmond Promise helping out young students from the city of Richmond with College tips and resources. Marlon has reached a new level of privilege and wants to give support to his community to help guide the youth to that next level of privilege waiting for them. 

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Expand on hardships/motivational factors that influence you to this day.

A:  “I am currently going to begin my Senior year at San Francisco State University, pursuing a bachelor degree in Biology. I have a strong passion for helping others and discovering new ways that can benefit society as a whole. I have a strong passion for education and I believe that having higher education will lead to more opportunities in the future. I am super independent, as in I always try to solve problems on my own before asking for any form of support. I got this mindset from my dad because he always told me there will be times that you are on your own and have to take matters in your hands. So I kept in mind and now I barely ask for any help from anyone. But even though I am super independent I am also very helpful. I will help anyone out with nothing in return. If I can help someone out in any way or form I will most definitely help them out. Enjoying helping people also links with my the major of my choice.

With my major, I strongly would love to have a career that involves improving the lifestyles of people in this world in any type of way that ranges from designing new equipment, doing extensive research within labs, analyzing data of the given subject, etc. My strong passion to pursue this goal was from the impact of my Grandpa passing away due to his battle with stomach cancer and there was no medicine or equipment or any other solutions that the doctors could do or figure out to completely get rid of cancer, so it was a matter of time till it came to an end. Going through this experience of knowing what my Grandpa had to deal with pushed me to become more engaged to better my life to help out to develop new sources that will benefit people throughout the world with any problem, more specifically their overall health. Overall, I passionately want to help research and discover anything out there that would cause a drastic positive change for everyone’s life.

Q: How has the Richmond Promise played a role in your education?

A: “Richmond promise has played a role in my education by always being there for support if I ever need it throughout my college career. Their help with the scholarships play a massive role in my education by funding my books and necessities for my laboratory classes that I need to pay for. I really enjoy that I won’t ever have the feeling that there is no one out there that can help me if something is going wrong during my college career since Richmond Promise will be there all the time.

Q: What do you want to contribute to Richmond, or the world?

A: “As I am still a student, I want to contribute to Richmond in any way I can at my level in life. That’s why I decided to apply to this summer associate program with Richmond Promise because I knew if I get accepted I will be able to help the ones that help me and also give back to my community in a little way. For the world, once I get my dream job, I hope to discover or help discover any new forms of medicine or equipment that will help people’s lives in any way or form.”

Q: Can you tell us about your current college experience?

A: “So far my college experience has been quite well. It was not anything I did not expect. Only thing major really is that I had to deal with very very bad teachers and that had made learning hard for me so I had to resort to tutoring and those tutors did not really help either. Other than that my college experience had been pretty good nothing out of the ordinary. I enjoy learning so college was a good choice for me to do. ”

Q: What are you looking forward after receiving your bachelor’s/transferring?A: “I’m looking forward to just start working and dropping all these books and homework. Hopefully, I’ll be working in my field of study if not at least I’ll be working at a well-payingjob. From there I can actually start living my life.

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