Exploring College

Hey students, are you wondering if college is right for you? Do you ever ask yourself, “how do I know what college to go to?” Are you interested in learning what is college really like?

If this is your case, these tools below will help you answer these and many more questions!


  • ScholarMatch is free college-search tool that was made for low-income high school students to explore the best colleges in the country that provide great educational opportunities, support, and financial aid. If you’re family makes less than $50,000 per year visit their site!

California Colleges

  • CaliforniaColleges.edu provides tools for middle and high school students to explore career interests, create a college planning timeline, understand college requirements, and more. Visiting this website will help you understand how college works and how it will benefit your future.

Ivy League Connection

  • The Ivy League Connection works with students from the WCCUSD to promote a college going culture by providing scholarships to summer programs at selective Ivy League schools. If you are interested in spending your summer at a prestigious university for free make sure to check out their website!

College Guide for Undocumented Students

  • BestCollege.com’s guide provides college tips specifically for undocumented students. It includes information on the Dream Act, how fill out college applications, and how to talk about undocumented status. The website also mentions important information regarding DACA status.

Better Make Room’s Up Next

  • Up Next provides personalized support and reminders on college applications, financial aid, and more through your phone! Text “COLLEGE” to 44044 to begin receiving support or learn more by clicking below.