Financial Aid Completion

We want to make sure financial aid is accessed to ensure college is affordable as possible for all WCCUSD students.

Since 2018, we have built programming at Kennedy High School and DeAnza High School that is….

  • Delivered inside the classroom: All students receive support and knowledge about financial aid.
  • Taught with a 5-sequence financial aid completion curriculum & toolkit: Understandable tool kits for both facilitators and students that breaks the financial aid process down.
  • Supported by College Student Ambassadors: We hire Richmond Promise College Student Ambassadors to be trained and work as near peers with high school students through the financial aid process – providing both additional support and a relatable role model.
  • Supplemented with office hours: Richmond Promise staff provide additional support on school site but outside the classroom.
  • Built to train school teachers and staff: Richmond Promise provides in-depth training for school teachers and staff, so they are knowledgeable about financial aid and can have informed conversations with students.
  • Focused on building excitement through proactive communication: Through a financial kick off rally, a student text campaign, and informing parents on financial aid, we aim to built excitement and knowledge through regular and proactive communication.

Financial Aid Completion, 2018-2020 (Percents)

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Increase in Financial Aid Completion at Kennedy High School (2018-2020)


High School Seniors Served Each Year