Financial Aid Completion

Richmond Promise works to increase college affordability for all students in Richmond. As part of the application process for the Richmond Promise Scholarship, we require all students to complete FAFSA and Dream Act (if eligible). In order to lower this barrier to entry, we offer a variety of services to assist any Richmond student in completing these processes.

  • In-School Financial Aid Initiative – During the 2018-2019 school year, we are piloting an in-school financial aid advising program through which we will be working with Richmond high schoolers during the school day to ensure they all complete the requirements for FAFSA and Dream Act. We are currently operating this program at Kennedy and De Anza High Schools through a near-peer delivery model.
  • Financial Aid Workshops – We host financial aid workshops at various community and school locations for both students and their families to assist them in completing their financial aid application.
  • One on one advising – If any student in Richmond needs help completing FAFSA or the Dream Act applications, we are able to provide advising at our office. Contact for assistance.