Nancy DeVilleAmericorps VISTA, College Success Coordinator

    Americorps VISTA, College Success Coordinator

    A Richmond, CA native, Nancy is an award-winning journalist and educator who is committed to improving higher education opportunities for all students in her community. Whether it’s working with students individually on college admission essays or speaking to a high school class, Nancy’s passion for student success shines through. Fueled by a love for her hometown, in 2016 Nancy partnered with her college roommate to launch the African American College Preparedness Workshop for middle and high school students in Richmond.

    Nancy comes to Richmond Promise with an eagerness to work with high school students and to ensure they not only enroll in college but are given the resources to become successful college graduates.

    With over a decade of journalism experience, Nancy has done work for several media outlets including NPR, USA Today, The Tennessean and Pacific Standard Magazine. As a journalism educator, she’s taught workshop and university courses. She studied history at Fisk University, a historically black college in Nashville and received her Master of Journalism degree from the University of California, Berkeley.