Grace PeterDevelopment Manager

    Development Manager

    Grace approaches this work with the motivation that all people deserve equal opportunity and access to reach their potentials. She is excited to build a coalition of supporters who believe in the Promise and its ability to catalyze change in Richmond. Before joining the Promise, Grace worked at GreenLight Fund Bay Area, a venture philanthropy firm, where she worked on both the grant-making and fundraising sides of the organization. Her work centered on investing in evidenced-based nonprofit models whose services fit urgent needs of the Bay Area community. Prior, Grace worked as a program and data assistant at the University of North Carolina Office of Student Wellness, where she focused on interpersonal violence prevention. She conducted research for the UNC Women’s Center concerning state-based Child Sexual Assault prevention policies. Grace has also worked as a research assistant at the UNC Cancer Center and the UNC Center for Maternal Infant Health. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.