The students of Richmond are the future of Richmond. Our 900+ scholars are bright, talented, and proud of where they come from. They have visions of achieving their educational goals and returning to Richmond to lead and thrive. We are here to help them achieve that dream.

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Cali Luke

UC Berkeley, ‘21

El Cerrito High School, ‘17

Cali is a business major, a hip-hop dancer, and a paranormal fiction fan. She’s also laser-focused on her goals and why she’s at college. “All of the hardships that I’ve gone through just made me really push myself to go to college because I want a better life for myself and my family.” At UC Berkeley, Cali is learning the foundation of being an entrepreneur and creating her longterm goals – working at a tech company and eventually starting her own company.

To her, the Promise means, “continued support…to go to college and pursue our dreams.” She continues, “We can do it, and we will do it, and we will succeed and bring it back to Richmond.”


Lavonntay Copeland

Berkeley City College, ‘21

Kennedy High School, ‘17

Lavonntay has learned a lot in his first year of college and will finish a successful first year more motivated and focused than ever. After starting at Sacramento State this fall, he made the important decision to continue his spring semester at Berkeley City College to ensure he was 100% focused on school and to save money. It was not an easy decision and many doubted he would be able to refocus. Now, he hopes to transfer to a UC – maybe UC Berkeley. During his first year journey, he has also discovered a love for STEM, especially in his computer science classes, and can see a future possibly working in biotech.

Lavonntay understands the importance of continuing to reflect and discover his interests, and equally important, believes “he can learn anything” as long as he’s taught. To younger Richmond students, he offers the advice, “take it one step at a time and keep going no matter what.”


Raquel Salguero

San Francisco State University, ’21

El Cerrito High School, ‘17

Raquel Salguero grew up in Richmond, California. She is studying Biochemistry and hopes to one day attend medical school. She enjoys helping people and giving back to her community. As a first-generation college student, Raquel hopes to inspire all Latina women to join STEM related fields and careers.

“The Richmond Promise has played a role in my education not only in terms of awarding me their scholarship but getting me involved in my community. I have done two internships with them, and working with the Richmond community has allowed me to encourage college culture in a small city like Richmond, in which there is a lot of potential. Now that we are opening a Scholars network in SF State, a lot of students will have a support system.”

Raquel worked with Richmond Promise as part of our Summer Associate pilot program in 2018, through which she helped lead summer success workshops and advised students one-on-one on critical milestones between high school graduation and the first day of college.

“When I graduate, I hope to come back to Richmond and encourage young kids that it is possible to be somebody in life.”


Marlon Creswell

San Francisco State University, ’20

De Anza High School, ‘16

Marlon credits his older sister as his inspiration for higher education. As the first in their family to go to college, his sister showed him that succeeding through college is possible. Marlon is currently studying biochemistry at San Francisco State with the goal of one day becoming a Pharmaceutical Scientist. He is currently interning at SFO airport. To younger students, Marlon suggests,  “never give up on anything and never think that you can’t do anything because you can do anything you strive to.”

“The Richmond Promise means to me that the community of Richmond are trying their hardest to get all children to go to college and have a successful life in the future.”