College Success


Richmond Promise scholars attend 79 different colleges & universities. Richmond Promise is building partnerships with colleges and universities and developing on campus peer-led networks to support Richmond Promise Scholars through degree attainment.

College & University Partnerships

The Richmond Promise has formalized partnerships with the following college and universities that provide additional wraparound supports and services to our Scholars.

Richmond College Scholar Networks

Beginning in January 2018, Richmond College Scholar Networks are being piloted at UC Berkeley and UC Davis to provide peer-led campus support networks. Richmond College Scholars will offer each other support as they navigate the challenges often associated with the transition to college life and ensure incoming scholars are connected with the resources and knowledge on campus to make the most out of their college experience.

College Leaders leading Richmond College Scholar Networks at UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Left to right: Fredy Cruz, Cali Luke, Tsion Tmariam, Andrea Hernandez, Arturo Castañeda.