College Readiness

We aim to support the work of the West Contra Costa Unified School District, and complementary services and initiatives to support students’ academic preparation and readiness for college. While Richmond Promise does not provide direct academic services, we are building partnerships with organizations with demonstrated impact and desire to scale what works. We aim to support the efforts of WCCUSD Counselors, College & Career Centers, the efforts community partners, and seek joint grant funding to expand and deepen demonstrated best-practices. 

Classroom-Based College Conversations

Richmond Promise/WCCUSD college students engage 9th graders in college conversations to build college knowledge and confidence. 

Ambassador Recruitment & Training

Richmond Promise/WCCUSD college students are trained to facilitate college conversations effectively and appropriately with 9th graders. 

College Tours & In-Class College Information Workshops

College tours from a first-generation college student perspective; workshops on college options and financial aid. 

College Fair For Middle School Students

Kennedy High School 9th graders conduct college research and host a college fair for Dejean Middle School 8th graders.