College Awareness

Near Peer Ambassador Program

The Richmond Promise Near Peer Ambassador Program is a classroom-based strategy at Kennedy High School to (1) build college knowledge and address barriers to college access from an early age, and (2) cultivate a college-going and community-giving pipeline of young local leadership. Developed in partnership with Students Rising Above, with generous support from the Environment Community Investment Agreement and Flora Family Foundation, the core elements of the Richmond Promise Near Peer Ambassador Program include: 

College Access Curriculum:

Developed in partnership with Students Rising Above and West Contra Costa Unified School District, Ambassadors follow a custom curriculum of lesson plans to guide college and career conversations. 

Ambassador Training:

Current college students are trained to facilitate college conversations effectively and appropriately with 9th graders. 

Classroom-Based College & Career Conversations:

Current college students engage 9th graders in college and career conversations, as well as workshops to build college knowledge and college confidence. 

Middle School College Fair:

Kennedy 9th graders host a college fair and college panel for DeJean Middle School 8th graders. Students learn about high school and college expectations. 

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