College Access

Summer Success Workshops

The Summer between high school graduation and college is a vital time for our Scholars. To ensure Scholars are enrolling full-time and on-time, we hold mandatory Summer Success Workshops. These Workshops are designed to help students with key deadlines, financial aid interpretation, and college success tips. Our outcomes suggest these interventions matter. Over the past two years, there has been a 20% increase in the number of Richmond Promise Scholars who enroll full time and on-time the fall after their senior year.

Similar to our College Awareness Near-Peer Ambassador program, we hire recent high school graduates and current Richmond Promise Scholars as Summer Associates to support the delivery of these workshops and to provide specialized guidance for students during this transition period. While these Scholars are helping us deliver our program, they are also gaining valuable work experience and professional development opportunities.

Learn more about our Scholars and the impact of these programs here.